About Us

First Maintenance Company is a full service janitorial company that has been serving the North Texas Region since 1986.


We design, implement and administer customized cleaning programs for any type of facility. Our managers and supervisors are problem solvers, committed to providing a first-rate, professional janitorial service to our clients.


We offer a full spectrum of cleaning services to maintain your property. Our commitment to providing you with quality service gives us a distinct advantage over our competition.


Let us share that advantage with you!

Corporate Philosophy


Established in 1986, First Maintenance Company has an established track record of providing a high quality, fully managed janitorial service to our clients.  Our philosophy of management is two-fold; providing the greatest value to our clients while providing the greatest opportunities to our workers.  Our management program emphasizes innovation as well as consistency in meeting each of the following objectives:


  • Production: Completing the required objectives in a safe and efficient manner.


  • Quality: Guaranteeing that the work performed meets or exceeds both requirements and expectations.


  • Cost: Through innovation, doing everything possible to produce the quality and quantity desired at the lowest possible cost.


  • Training: An on-going method of supervision that strives constantly to improve the ability of those who work with and for our company.  Building Service Contractor Association International (BSCAI) training videos include the General Housekeeping and Cleanroom Maintenance Series.


  • Safety: Ensuring the safety of all workers through training and safety awareness programs and policies.


  • Morale: Helping each person in the business or department realize their goals and encouraging them to have pride and satisfaction in their own work.


  • Creativity: A willingness to be flexible as well as resourceful in developing improved production methods, use of equipment, and supervisory techniques.