First Maintenance offers a full spectrum of cleaning services designed to enhance the appearance of your property and keep your investment in pristine condition.

Nightly Janitorial

Our trained janitorial teams are supervised and assigned to specific areas of your building, allowing them to efficiently and effectively perform their assigned tasks. In addition, our extensive quality control program assures that no areas are neglected and that specific requests are fulfilled in a timely manner.

Day Porter Services

You will be provided with a uniformed, professionally trained Day Porter to perform various tasks at your direction. These designated porters will be responsible for maintaining the condition of restrooms, common areas, and the exterior of the property.

Carpet Cleaning

You will have access to our certified carpet technicians utilizing the latest technology to professionally clean your carpeted areas. The results will enhance the overall appearance of your property and greatly extend the life of your carpets.

Pressure Washing

Your exterior grounds will be maintained by our technicians utilizing 3000psi equipment to professionally clean your parking areas, sidewalks, patios and other exterior surfaces. Our goal is to protect your entrances and lobby from tracked-in dirt, ultimately enhancing the overall appearance of your property.